The StayPoints®  logo is a trademark of StayPoints® , LLC. In order to protect and grow the StayPoints®  brand, we have a distinguishable logo that can be used to mark the brand licensed under a StayPoints®  Approved License. There are guidelines for the logo's appearance and usage, outlined here.


The Standard Logo

 Reversing Logotype color to white. When the logo is used on a background that is darker

than 50% grey, you should reverse the entire logo to white for legibility:

 Greyscale background or for one-color options use the all-black version of the logo:


The Trademark symbol as determined by StayPoints® must always be visible and

rea dable for both the StayPoints®  L ogo in the placements shown in these guidelines as

well as in copy. You may not remove or obfuscate this symbol in the StayPoints®  Logo. It’s

preferable that it is “superscript” when possible.


Clear Space

The principle of the clear space rules for the Logo, the Logotype and the Symbol are shown in the following diagram. The small box in the center of the symbol shows the metric width we strive to maintain, either as a minimum (if exactly one box width) or recommended (if as large as exactly two box widths):


The StayPoints® logo uses the Optima TrueType font.



1. Never stray from the color palette and never switch the colors

2. Never use the design on similarly colored backgrounds (logo can be reversed out to white or black)

3. Never rearrange elements of the design

4. Do not change spacing, alignment, or relative locations of the design elements.

5. Never stretch or distort the Logo

6. Do not change the proportions of any of the design elements or the design itself. You may resize as

needed but must retain all proportions.