Finally – A World-Class Guest Reward Program for

Corporate Housing, Vacation Rental and B&B lodging providers

Statistics overwhelmingly show that Travelers expect to be rewarded for their choices  of accommodations. Whether they're traveling for work, or they're on vacation, they want to receive something of value... now you can give them StayPoints!


StayPoints is about far more than simply rewarding your guests for their stays. StayPoints offers an incredible line-up of sales and marketing tools to help your company increase occupancy, grow revenue, and strengthen your relationship with your guests.


In addition, StayPoints includes online lead generation using it's impressive nationwide property search feature, international reward catalogs, ‘sticky enrollment’ that keeps them coming back to your website for future needs – and so much more. 

More Leads. More Bookings.

The StayPoints ‘nationwide (soon to be International) housing search puts our Affiliates on the map in as many cities and locations as they wish to serves. Travelers can choose from 3000 properties which are available nationwide and, as each StayPoints® Affiliate adds their properties to the database, your inventory grows as well. 



"69% of consumers said they would break habit and choose a different brand in order to earn more points or miles." (Points.com)
"80% of members want plenty of options for accruing points." (Cognizant)


Customers Want Rewards!

Travelers Travelers expect to be rewarded for their travel choices and StayPoints can help you Reward Smart Travelers! As the program continues to grow, StayPoints members will be able to earn additional points at Vacation Rentals and Bed & Breakfast locations throughout the country. Rewarding Smart Travel just got very easy with the StayPoints platform.


"Loyalty rewards ranks above customer reviews (58%) and almost level with brand reputation (69%) in terms of their influence over consumers' decision-making process." (Collinson Latitude)


Decrease Acquisition Costs

One of the cheapest ways to get a customer is to not lose one!


StayPoints is your tool for offering guests incentives to come back to you and to tell their friends how great their experience has been. You'll now have a resource for members to refer friends and associates as well as co-branded monthly marketing campaigns keeping your brand in front of them month after month.


Reducing your costs to keep a customer reduces your cost for finding new ones!



"Building loyalty with 5% more customers would lead to an increased average profit per customer of between 25% and 100%." (The Loyalty Effect)
"94% of senior executives feel that keeping customers for life is a priority within their business" (Forbes)
"70% of executives named customer retention as the #1 objective of loyalty programs" (Forrester)


Millions of Rewards

The StayPoints 60+ international catalogs offer millions of award options, all of which include shipping. The Award categories include:


  • Travel – Hotels, airfare, car rental, and more

  • Merchandise – Electronics, apparel, luggage, home foods, and more

  • Activities / Event Tickets – Broadway plays, outdoor excursions, professional sports events, theme park tickets, and more

  • Want a peek?  Become a member today at www.staypointsrewards.com (it's free)



"82% of consumers said loyalty programs would be better if they offered more choice and would let them choose the categories of reward they wanted (79%)" (Collinson Latitude)
Co-Marketing Collateral

StayPoints provides a wide range of high-quality sales and marketing tools that allow new Affiliates to hit the ground running! 

Other resources

Logos, images for your website, example press-releases, talking points, email blasts, signatures, professional printing, SEO, SMO and so much more!


Co-branded with your logo and custom landing page address; highest quality printing and heavy stock.  Includes client brochures, guest brochures, tent cares, and more.


Place these tent-cards in your apartments to remind guests that every day they stay means ‘more points and awards’! Tent-Cards can be customized with you landing page URL.

Marketing Flyer

Similar to a property profile, this electronic PDF flyer can be emailed with quotes or replies. When the prospect lines up their options – you’ll clearly stand above the rest with StayPoints!

Monthly Newsletter

StayPoints sends out a co-branded monthly newsletter to all members featuring great ways to spend their points. Your logo is prominantely featured and the only link on the page is to your landing page.

Industry Training

Your sales staff will receive ongoing and targeted training to ensure that you get the most from your StayPoints® affiliation.  StayPoints has partnered with industry training leaders to deliver hands on training to all StayPoints® Affiliates.


Our trainers will work directly with your sales team to help them:


  • Sell the value of StayPoints® to a prospect / guest

  • Sell the value of StayPoints® to a corporate decision-maker

  • Brainstorm creative ways to use points!  Use as a tradeshow prize, sales incentive, closing tool for the hard-to-close prospect, and more. 

Market Exclusivity

The StayPoints program has been designed to promote an alternative to hotels in the extended stay and vacation rental markets as well as help Affiliates to escape commodity selling and use StayPoints to differientiate their company from their competitors without sacrificing brand autonomy. 


StayPoints® Affiliates who choose to award at least 25,000 points per Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), will have limited exclusivity rights within that MSA. Limited Exclusivity means StayPoints will...


  • Stop searching for new Affiliates in the MSA

  • Only consider adding an Affiliate if the market is underserved by the existing Affiliate.

  • We will be adding Vacation Rentals and B&B properties throughout every market.


All too often, when a company is out of sight, it is out of mind. Be the first company to enroll your guests as StayPoints member, and they immediately become connected to your company for all future housing searches throughout the country. StayPoints® not only connects your customers to your brand we also funnel prospects to your brand based on your property locations and approved markets.


  • Every time your member visits StayPoints they see your logo on the home page.

  • When they search for properties they see your logo again.

  • When they submit an inquiry about a property, the full details of the inquiry are sent to you and...

  • If the property the inquiry was submitted for is in another Affiliate's approved market, a masked inquiry (no customer contact information) is sent that Affiliate with instructions to call you.

60+ International Catalogs

For our international guests, StayPoints now offers 60+ international catalogs, allowing ‘delivery to their doorstep’ once guests arrive home.